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Audio lessons and Videos on CD and DVD

Here you can order CDs and DVDs related to «Feldenkrais Method» and «Anat Baniel Method for Children».

Each 45- to 60-minute movement lesson focuses on a certain function or movement skill. The lessons build on one another to bring about important improvements and changes. The focus is on the individual´s resources, not on their deficits. The lessons are structured and taught in such a way that everyone can begin at their own levels, without strain, and progress from there.

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Typ Title Lng. CHF Euro Detail Qty
dvd EMPOWERING PARENTS - Empowering you to help your child - VIDEO link en 80.00 ~81.70 Detail
dvd Insight into Vision & Proportional Distribution of Effort - Video Link en 80.00 ~81.70 Detail
cd NANCY ABERLE, Serie 1-4, 16 Audio Lektionen - link to dropbox. write: de 40.00 ~40.85 Detail
cd Transkription von Audiolektionen - NANCY ABERLE, TEXT von Serie 1-4, 16 Audio Lektionen de 40.00 ~40.85 Detail
dvd Nancy Aberle - Video of WORKING WITH CHILDREN Seminar en 160.00 ~163.35 Detail
dvd Video Nancy Aberle working with 3 year-old boy with developmental delays de 20.00 ~20.40 Detail
dvd SCOLIOSIS PROJECT 2008, Video Workshop on 3 DVDs plus 16 audio lessons as mp3 on 1 DVD -- Available through Eilat Almagor, contact us for her information en 80.00 ~81.70 Detail