EMPOWERING PARENTS - Empowering you to help your child - VIDEO link

WORKSHOP Videos in English
(With translation in Croatian)

Nancy Aberle and Lynn Bullock, accompanied by a team of European Feldenkrais Method® and Anat Baniel Method®NeuroMovement Practitioners, have held "Feldenkrais Without Borders" 2-day workshops for parents followed by 2 days of lessons for children, in many countries. In Croatia alone, 900 free lessons were given to children with special needs!
These edited recordings are of one of these 2-day workshops for parents and professionals.

Themes of this workshop:
• Making the transition from “fixing” to “connecting” in daily-life, with you and your child
• Learning to tell differences in a more refined way
• The power of touch and clarity of intention
The themes of the workshop are explored with theory presentations, hands-on work, Awareness Through Movement lessons, demonstrations of a lesson with a child including explanations and an Action Plan for the participants.


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