Nancy Aberle - Video of WORKING WITH CHILDREN Seminar

These video recordings are of a 4-day practice-oriented seminar given for Feldenkrais practitioners and children in 2010 in Zurich.

The insights and techniques come from Nancy’s years of experience working with children and from Anat Baniel Method(sm) for Children. Nancy Aberle is determined to bring this work to as many children as possible, and to support practitioners to learn to do so.

Special focus is given to how each practitioner can help children to “TURN THE LEARNING SWITCH ON” (1 of the 9 “Essentials” from Anat Baniel). The chapters in these 8 videos include: Awareness Through Movement lessons, Functional Integration techniques, theoretical concepts from ABM for Children, and individual lessons with babies and children. Feldenkrais practitioners can give the kinds of lessons that improve how a child learns and co-ordinates their movement. Such learning can change the lives of children and their families.