SCOLIOSIS PROJECT 2008, Video Workshop on 3 DVDs plus 16 audio lessons as mp3 on 1 DVD -- NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT!!!

Eilat Almagor, Anat Krivine, assisted by Wolfgang Steinmüller and Nancy Aberle

Video recordings from the 15 day seminar of practice-oriented learning for Feldenkrais Practitioners and people with Scoliosis. Subtitles in 7 languages (Eng. Fre. Ger. Heb. Ita. Jpn. Spa.)

3 DVDs
Part 1
Lecture: Regaining Stability
FI lessons: Crossing Functions, Functional Symmetry, The Knee, The Head and the Base, The Arm and Spine

Part 2
Lecture: From Lying to Standing
Demonstration: Head and Chest
FI lessons: A Buttock off the Chair, Bending the Knee in Standing, A “Knee in the Back”

Part 3
FI lesson: The Jaw

Part 4
16 audio lessons as mp3 on 1 DVD