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Case Studies


I was asked to go the children´s ward in a Zurich hospital to give lessons to a 13 month old who had fallen 7 meters from a window. Gregor had broken his right leg and hit his head.(....)
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Alexandra and Elisabeth

(See photos under Feldenkrais Method for Children and My Work with Children)

Alexandra and Elisabeth are twins who were born 3 months early; they started with the Feldenkrais Method 6 months after they were born. My first impression upon meeting them was how tightly closed Alexandra´s fists were and how much larger and livelier Elisabeth was. Both of them lay on their backs with their arms above their heads and their legs wide apart and down. Neither of them moved much. Elisabeth responded more than Alexandra when I touched her feet, but neither of them lifted their feet or hands from the floor. (......)
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Sam came for his first lesson at 12 months old. He had been born 3 months early, needed extensive medical treatments, and had had many visits to the hospital because of troubles with breathing. As he and his mother came in the door, the first thing I noticed was how large his head was in proportion to his torso and how he used his big blue eyes. His mother held him very close to her when walking with him on her left hip. He didn´t seem to feel how to keep himself upright as he was moved in space. He did not grab onto her clothing when he began to loose his balance; instead he held his breath and he stiffened. When this happened, she seemed to keep his balance for him by adjusting her arms.(....)
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