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Working with Feldenkrais Method

Functional Integration

«Functional Integration (FI)» is the term Dr. Feldenkrais used to describe the hands-on process he developed to guide a person through particular movements and provide the opportunity for learning and improvement. The person lies, sits or stands while the practitioner moves the person in gentle and specific ways to show new movement and posture possibilities.
These sessions are always individual lessons during which nonverbal, verbal and sensory motor communication is used.


Awareness through Movement

«Awareness through Movement (ATM)» Lessons focus on specific human functions or movement skills. The students move themselves under verbal direction from the practitioner. In these lessons, the persons´ own awareness and perception of themselves play a central role.
Awareness through Movement Lessons are taught in groups in a way that allows each person to do the lessons with ease and learn at their own pace.


A few basic Principals of the Feldenkrais Method (pdf, 56kb)


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