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World-wide Recognition and Research

The Feldenkrais Method is known and used successfully in places all over the world. There are no specific populations or types of people who can benefit more from this Method than others. The Feldenkrais Method is powerful, safe, and relatively inexpensive. It is based on scientific assumptions and has proven to support people´s optimal functioning, to relieve symptoms, and to prevent future injuries.

Here are a few examples: The Swiss rehabilitation center for people who have been paralyzed uses the Feldenkrais Method as an established part of their reeducation and healing program. In Italy, a city council has approved and paid for Feldenkrais movement lessons for the elderly and for young school children as a city-wide program. San Francisco Symphony members have taken a year-long program of Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration lessons to prevent repetitive-motion injuries and to improve their overall functioning.(... complete Article available as Download, see below)


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