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Adults who can benefit

The Feldenkrais Method is especially helpful for people who want to improve and become more aware of how they move.

I have worked with adults who have had back pain, neck pain, jaw difficulties (TMJ-Disorder), migrane, brain injury, stroke, breathing difficulties, sleeping disturbances, carpel tunnel syndrome, joint pain, whiplash, tinnitus, Parkinson´s disease, multiple sclerosis, and more. The movements that are used during the specific progression of the lessons can be adapted for each person regardless of movement limitations.


When we are aware and experiment with movement variations, our nervous systems can experience something new and we can learn. In this way, we can change our fixed and limiting movement patterns and thinking habits. Our movement repertoire can expand, and the quality of our movement can become higher.

 feldenkrais method funktional integration(fi) by nancy aberle zurich


feldenkrais method functional integration by nancy aberle drawing animation of movement